Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Modifed SoftRock 6.3 RXTX Board

In order to connect the motherboard, some minor changes need to be done to an existing SoftRock board.  The SW1 block needs to be removed if added, with a 4 pin female 2.54mm header added (included in the kit), and it's the middle row of pins.  You also need to jumper JP1 to 3.3v, one symptom of this missing is the I2C bus will not work correctly.  Lastly add the included 2 pin female 2.54mm header o the PITT-I and GND pins.  The U6 PIC socket can remain, but the PIC needs to be removed.  I will probably end up building up a dedicated SoftRock as a spare for the Motherboard as many of components around U6 are not necessary.

Modified SoftRock 6.3 RXTX board

Close up of 3.3V jumper that needs to be added

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