Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PowerSDR seems to be working!

For some reason I couldn't hit any beacons in JT65, however I realized for some reason my sound card was outputting strangely to PowerSDR when I monitored it from a 2nd PC.  THe JT65A transmission was duplicated all over the waterfall.  I dropped the output to mono and it fixed it, weird.  Though mono breaks PSK31.  Good news is I finally hit some beacons for the first time for JT65A and PSK31.  Starting to feel better that this is working correctly after some of the issues I've gone thru.  I also like the new PowerSDR from SV1EIA which seems to be pretty stable on my system.

PSK31 and JT65 monitors
VE3ODZ-1 (FN03ha) Heard KB1MTS(FN42) on 3576.50 KHz -10dB at 01:47:00Z using JT65A

N9DSJ-2 (En52ti) Heard KB1MTS(FN42) on 3576.50 KHz -14dB at 01:47:00Z using JT65A

New PowerSDR

Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally have transmit working!

Well after working with Alex and a couple other's (thanks for the help!), I finally got the calibrate and transmit working with the Motherboard.  I was  seeing 8.6v on the adjust line input on the LM317 adjustable regulator.  After doing a lot of trouleshooting, I found that due to all the adjustments I was making with the heatsink, one of the pins had broken and was making poor contact.  Once I resoldered the pin, all the problems went away.  My next challenge is to get it mounted into a case :)

Hopefully make my first contacts this weekend...