Saturday, November 28, 2009

Annotated Toroid locations

I hope these help, they are from my notes so I believe they are correct, if anyone spots any mistakes, please let me know and I can update them:

T2 (top)

T3 (top)

T4 (top)

T5 (top)

Toroid orientations from a previos post (top)


  1. Hi Mike,

    Shouldn't T2 and T5 have vertical connections, just like T4 secondary windings?


  2. Thanks for the check Alex... should be all set now.


  3. Mike -- These layouts are so useful; thanks very much for puzzling them out and presenting them this way!!

    73, Van

    ps have green led blinking and 20x4 display shows signon but no useful data since I haven't connected 12v or SR6.3RXTX yet...