Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2.2k Resistors added (R23, R24, R29, R35, R36, R41, R42, R49, R50, R62)

Please note I was missing R62, so I replaced it with a 1206 for now (I already created a sheet in Excel to track the missing orphans :-) 

UPDATE: According to Alex and Art, R35 is not needed for people using a SoftRock with the motherboard. "R35/R36 will be omitted or installed, see assembly notes for details."
From Mike Collins:
"R35 and R36 are needed for the I2C pullups. Something 1K to 100K may work fine to get running.  Think the goal was to have someone start a assembly notes document.  Alex has some prelim stuff in the files section. I had some assembly note in a previous message on MOBO up and running.... Not sure why R35 and R36 would be mentioned other needing to be there."

2.2k Resistors (top)

2.2k Resistors (bottom)

R23, R24, R29, R35, R36, R41, R42, R49, R50, R62

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